Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Meet our staff: Executive Director, Margaret Ayres

Here is the first of our "Meet our Staff" series, because we want you to know us on a more personal level! 

Meet Margie! 

Name: Margaret Wanless-Ayres
Age: Unknown
Horoscope sign:  Aries
Kids: 4
Husband: Mike
Pets: a 4-year old mix, Kasey

I asked her a few questions so that we could get to know her they are:

Favourite movie: Wizard of Oz
Favourite artist/band: Johnny Reid, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw
Favourite book: Green Eggs & Ham
Favourite vacation you've ever been on: Hawaii
Favourite food: surf & turf
Favourite colour: Red
Dream car: DeLorean
Dream vacation: Back to Hawaii!

If you live in Port Perry, you've definitely seen our very own Margie Ayres in the papers 1 million times (pretty much on a weekly basis). It's a big joke with everyone she knows...and when she's not in the paper (rarely) people always ask where has she been?!

Margie has been at Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham for 17 years!! She started out as part-time, and worked her way up to a full-time Executive Director position 6 years ago.

In Margie's "spare time" (quotes because she doesn't have spare time) Margie volunteers for other local organizations and always always helps out families in our community. If you need something, you can ALWAYS could on Margie to help you out. We swear, her heart is made of pure gold.

Margie is very very involved in so many different aspects of our community. She is a member of the 100 Women of Uxbridge, she is a founding member of 100 Women of Scugog, she's on the Chamber of Commerce, and she has a Little Brother with us!

Margie got matched with her Little, Matthew, 2 years ago in the In-School Program. Margie and Matthew are now registered in both the ISM Program, and Traditional Program, meaning that she mostly sees him at the school, but she's allowed to see him outside of school, and just recently she started driving him to his first job!

So there you have it folks, Margie in a nutshell! We'd also like to add that she's a GREAT boss and such a kind, loving person! What a great person to have as ED of our organization! If you do not know Margie (doubtful, she knows everyone) stop in, she'd love to meet you!

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