Friday, 22 May 2015

Meet a Match: Aaron & Xander

Aaron and Xander

Krista Duke, Special Events Coordinator, wrote the following about Big Brother, Aaron and Little Brother, Xander

For the past two years, Xander and Aaron have spent many hours throwing around a baseball, playing soccer, fishing, riding bikes, and occasionally playing video games. Often their visits take place outside, where Xander can burn off some steam, and Aaron can feel like a kid again. Aaron loves being able to teach and show Xander new things, like how to play baseball, taking him to his first Blue Jays game, or a fishing derby where they camped overnight. “I love seeing his reaction to life,” says Aaron. “It’s great to see his passion take off from small events.”

When asked if he had seen a positive change in Xander since they first met, Aaron says he’s definitely noticed that Xander is more resilient than he was before, and that he’s able to use criticism as a building tool, instead of dwelling on it. For example, if Xander doesn’t do so well on a test at school, Aaron simply explains that there’s more to the subject to be learned, and Xander’s able build off that. Aaron also adds that when Xander was asked to make a decision, he used to be pretty indecisive, but now he seems more sure of himself and his decisions.

However, it’s not only Xander that’s learning new things in the relationship. Aaron says that mentoring has taught him to “hone his patience” and he’s pleasantly surprised with how much trust he has in such a young person. Aaron also said that Xander has opened his eyes to how much Xander, as a kid, has to offer to their relationship. “I’d be lying if I said the match was just for Xander,” said Aaron. Aaron admits that Xander keeps him grounded, humble and open to other’s issues and situations. It was two years ago when Aaron was living in Uxbridge that he signed up to be a Big Brother for Xander, and at that specific time, mentoring was something that he needed. Since then, Aaron has moved to Oshawa, but is willing to commute every week in order to continue his mentoring relationship with Xander.

Aaron also adds “Through my relationship with Xander, I’m able to narrow down what makes me happy; simply, seeing him happy makes me happy.”

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