Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Meet a Match: Tim and Nate

Tim and Nate

Cheryl Holmes, Programs manager, wrote the following about Traditional match Tim and Nate.

Tim Edwards grew up with three sisters in the house and is really enjoying being a Big Brother – “It’s pretty awesome!” Tim and Nate King mark their first match anniversary (September 13th) during Big Brothers Big Sisters Month… only two days before Nate’s birthday. Nate will soon be eight years-old but Tim said it “doesn’t feel like a year.” Nate has brought Tim back to his childhood, to the games and activities he used to play when he was younger.

Nate was a little bit shy answering questions but with some encouragement from his Big Brother admits his life was “boring” before Tim came along. He said, “now life is good…Tim makes it more fun.” The Big Brother / Little Brother combo has done much together in the past year: attended a Toronto Blue Jays game, gone bowling, to the Toronto Zoo, swam and played in the park. As well, Tim taught Nate to skate, ride a bike and introduced him to the game of golf.

Tim says it’s nice to find common interests and teach one another new skills. Tim hopes Nate will one day join the program as a Big Brother. When asked about his feelings for Nate, Tim self-consciously admitted he loves him. “…he’s like family. He fits right in.” In fact, Tim says his whole family loves Nate.

The feeling is mutual. Elizabeth King, Nate’s mom said Nate included Tim in his family tree at school last year. She also said Nate tells his friends all about his Big Brother and if a friends asks him to play when Tim is there, he says no way, he’s not leaving his Big Brother!

At the end of our meeting, Nate gave Tim a humungous hug and didn’t want to let go. Having said that, Nate was even more bashful than Tim about his expressing his feelings in words. It wasn’t until after Tim left the interview that Nate said “Yeah. I love him.”

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