Monday, 20 July 2015

Guest Blogger: Big Sister Lauren Walker

Written by Lauren Walker

What does it take to be a Big Sister?
Nothing special.

What kind of person can be a Big Sister?

What skills do you need to be a Big Sister?
Nothing in particular.

Will one day a week really make a difference?

    These are the questions I asked myself before I became an in-school mentor back in 2012. The lesson I learned was that you never know until you try. I always thought you needed to have some special quality in order to make a difference. Turns out all the skills you really need, you already possess.
                That’s the thing about spending time with a child. You’ll soon learn they are very accepting and only expect you to be yourself. You don’t need to wear fancy clothes or have a high paying job to share what you know. You don’t need to be any particular age to share your experiences. For me it’s as simple as taking the time out of your day to make a positive change. Every child needs a friend to talk to and to have someone listen. It’s really just as simple as that.
                Just imagine when you were a kid. How awesome would it have been to have someone like that in your life? We’ve all struggled. There were times we could have used a friend to help us. Being a child today is a lot harder than we realize. The world is ever changing and the one thing that can be a constant for these kids is you. The time you spend together is the one thing they look forward to because they just get to be themselves too.
                I wish I had become a Big Sister a long time ago. I waited and hesitated because I didn’t really think I could do it. I believe that change really does start with one person. It could start with you making that choice to do something like this. You really do have the power to change and impact someone’s life. Don’t hesitate. Just imagine that one day a week you spend will contribute to building a child’s self confidence. When they grow up they will look back and remember that you, a perfect stranger, cared enough to make time for them. They will remember that you believed in them. It takes one person to set a child on the right course in life.
                Everyone has the power to be a role model. It’s a ripple effect. When you make a positive difference in a child’s life, you will inspire them to do the same for others. It’s one small way of making the world a better place. It all starts with you.

Lauren Walker
Big Sister Since 2012 

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