Monday, 28 September 2015

Guest Blogger: Mentor Barbara Elliott

Written by Barbara Elliott

I retired recently and volunteered for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program last September for the first time.  I have two friends who have mentored kids and thought it sounded like a fun thing to do.  I easily manage one hour a week at the local school my mentee attends.  Both her teacher and family members have told me how much our visits mean to this little girl.  All we do is hang out and play together, but she is always so happy to see me.

We have baked cookies, played in the gym and playground, read and played games.  She is very creative and spontaneous and always comes up with inventive things to do.  I never know what to expect!  We have a nice friendship developing and both look forward to continuing to meet in September. 

Best regards,
Barbara Elliott

If you're interested in learning more information about our mentoring programs, please call Cheryl Holmes at 905-985-3733 ext 2. 

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