Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Guest Blogger: Little Sister, Amanda and Big Sister, Lis

Guest Bloggers: Little Sister Amanda and Big Sister Lis

Amanda: Mine and Lis's relationship is a very strong thing. Lis is everything I could ever look for in a big sister. Our relationship is what other kids dream for and wish they had, I really appreciate everything she and Big Brothers Big Sisters has done for me.

A couple years ago when I was first registered for the program I was going through a hard time, but when I was matched with Lis things started to get better. She encourage me to do a lot of things and she also helped me cope with my anxiety by bringing me out to places and helping me meet new people. Now that its 2015 our friendship is still going very strong. She is still getting me to meet new people and getting me to take risks and getting  me to try new things. Every time we are out doing something we always have a good laugh even laughing at the small things. Lis is like another friend - she is always caring and she tries to understand everything I talk about or even if I'm explaining something. She always tries to understand. I am so glad I can call on her as a big sister/friend.

I am also so glad I was registered to Big Brothers Big Sisters and meet someone like Lis.

Lis: Amanda is a wonderful girl with lots of great character and a beautiful personality. She is very caring toward all her friends and loves to have a good time. She is naturally physically very strong and a true country girl. She makes me laugh when she fights new adventures but realizes she is very capable of doing so, like tree-trekking or canoeing. She has a special touch when it comes to matching up her clothes, she always looks great. And her hair is beautiful.

I love watching Amanda finding herself and learning to love who she is. I feel very fortunate she has picked me to be her friend and sister.

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