Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

So we were recently perusing through Google images looking for Halloween costumes, so we thought we thought we would share some that would definitely nominate you for some costume prizes at our Halloween Spooktacular Party!

I've just recently started watching American Horror Story, so I thought this would be kinda cool, and easy-- all you need it some white sheets, white and black face paint!

Need a REALLY easy group costume? Why not be DOMINOS!

Dora's backpack may involve some creativity, but the rest of the costume is basic! I think even a plain purple backpack would do :)

 I'm REALLY digging this group Troll costume. This could also be a single costume, or as many as you want, really! If you wanted to be punny, you could somehow make this into an internet troll!

I ALWAYS find sugar skulls very impressive!

I'm a sucker for anything Addams Family, so this Wednesday Addams costume is not only easy to pull off, but it's a classic!

And lastly, if you're in a pickle for a costume, you can always go as the Black Eyed Peas :)

Hope to see you at our Halloween Spooktacular Party! All proceeds benefit the children/youth in North Durham!
Please note this is a 19+ event.

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