Monday, 15 August 2016

Meet our Staff: Special Events Coordinator, Krista Webb

Name: Krista Webb
Nickname: KDuke
Age: 26
Horoscope Sign: Aries
Kids: None
Husband: Kyle
Pets: A stunning German Shepard named Boomer (aka Booms, Boomy, Mr. Booms, Pup, Mr. Prince)

I am writing this myself, so here are some little tidbits about me!

Favourite colour: Burgundy
Dream vacation: Scotland/England
Favourite food: French Fries
Biggest pet peeve: People who can't drive but have a license!
What did you want to be when you were a kid?: Don't remember...
What did you take in school?:Public Relations
Favourite vacation to date: Exploring British Columbia by myself!
Favourite movie: You've Got Mail
Favourite Book: The Undomestic Goddess- Sophie Kinsella, The Truth About Forever- Sarah Dessen
Favourite Band/Artist: Circa Survive
Favourite T-Show: Friends
Favourite Season: Fall! (The weather, the coziness, the tea, the colours, the scents..everything!!)
 What's your favourite thing about working at BBBSND?: Constantly meeting new and wonderful people all the time.

In my spare time, I like to craft, binge-watch movies and tv shows on Netflix, buy ALL the makeup, play and cuddle with my pup, swim, go for hikes in Durham Forest, and hang out with friends!

I live in Lindsay, with my husband, and can often be found at yard sales on Saturday mornings in the summer, or at the family cottage near Minden!

I've worked at BBBSND since 2013 and have loved being a part of a fantastic staff who are very tight-knit!

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