Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Meet at Past Match: Marg & Cody - Together for over 25 years!

 Marg & Cody 

(Photos were taken by Daniel Cullen Photography)

Story by: Krista Webb

Marg and Cody’s story is truly inspiring.  They were first matched back in 2000, when Cody was just 10 years old and Marg was old enough to be his grandmother. But despite the age difference between the pair, their relationship blossomed right after they met. Flash-forward 16 years, and Marg and Cody still have a really special relationship. So special, in fact, that last year Cody moved in with Marg and her husband, Roger, and he refers to Marg as his “grandma”. 

Their relationship has been different than most matches since the very beginning. Cody was a sweet, kind, sensitive young boy who loved having an adult friend to hang out with just him for an hour every week. Marg, who is a very kind and caring woman, got along with Cody right off the bat. They talked, drew pictures, painted, played cards, and made up fun games. 

Marg and Cody’s In-School Mentoring match was closed when Cody finished grade 7, but their relationship didn’t stop there. They continued to see each other outside of school, and soon became a part of each other’s families. Marg would watch Cody’s hockey games and take him to baseball games and wrestling matches, and Cody would spend time at Marg and Roger’s cottage. 

Cody only has nice things to say about Marg and how she’s affected him. “She’s been a constant presence in my life. To this day she’s one of the only people I can count on.”

Marg and Roger have mentored many in their lives, and they’ve invited quite a few non-family members to live with them over the past 40 years, so it’s really no surprise that Marg’s non-biological Little Brother now lives with her and her husband in Port Perry. Roger has also become an unofficial mentor to Cody over the years, and Cody looks up to him a lot, too.

Marg acknowledges that Cody wasn’t the only one getting something out of their match. “It’s very rewarding to see someone grow up and do well, when it could have gone so differently,” says Marg. Cody says that he thinks his life would have been “1,000 % different” if he had never met Marg. He admits he got into some trouble in high school and knew he was going down a bad path, but when he decided to change his ways, it was partially due to the fact that he didn’t want to disappoint Marg and Roger. 

Marg has encouraged Cody to continue his education, and he has plans to attend Durham College in the fall for the Fitness and Health Promotion program. Marg is so proud of the young man Cody has become. They both agree that Marg gave him confidence, and by supporting him in whatever he did, she has helped shape him into the person he is today. 

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